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Here the commitments is concrete and daily. Because we are all interconnected, at A&I we take a proactive approach to being useful and supportive in our broader community. 

We are continually developing the CSR-focused themes that determine the concrete actions we take every day. A&I has been committed to adopting a CSR approach for many years.

At A&I we design systems dedicated to helping industries be energy efficient, and we are deeply involved in the socio-economic fabric of the region we are based in through our activity in the voluntary sector, innovation centers, partnerships with schools, and support for entrepreneurs. As we design systems dedicated to helping industries be energy efficient, it seemed obvious to us to support the local economic players in the energy sector.

A CSR approach is effective if every member of the team takes ownership of it and takes pride in bringing it to life. This approach is successful for us because it is in line with our culture of collective and individual responsibility, sustainable development and continuous improvement.

Everyone is involved and consulted at different stages, from the ‘MASE’ (Company Safety Improvement Manual)/quality and innovation, environment and cybersecurity steering groups, to staff representatives, different departments as well as every member of the team. Staff are kept updated in a variety of ways, such as our wiki page, annual conventions, general emails and CSR/innovation meetings.

This commitment goes even further for some employees by taking on voluntary roles such as those currently leading our environmental CSR policy. That’s why we drive change in a voluntary and balanced way without additional pressure for A&I-ers. We allow time for people to take it on board in a way that works around everyone’s responsibilities.

1st audit

At the request of one of our clients, we undergo our first ACESIA audit

1st certification

MASE (Company Safety Improvement Manual), environment, health and safety management system

2nd certification

We carried out an EcoVadis audit at the request of a client.   We are awarded the gold medal following this audit. We are among the top-rated companies. We are in the top 5 percent.

3rd certification

We have once again been awarded the CSR Gold Medal by Ecovadis, with an overall score of 71/100.

This score puts us in the top 5% of companies rated by EcoVadis.

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Delphine's story on A&I commitments

“Besides that, I’m involved in life at A&I, especially through the Mobility Challenge. It’s a challenge organized by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, which is a day of getting around without a car, so cycling, running and public transport. The main objective is to reduce your carbon footprint a little and to show employees that there are other options than a car”

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Romain et Yvan's story on A&I commitments

“We are really encouraged to make suggestions. It’s really up to you to decide what about. As long as it adds something to the life of the company, for the well-being of employees, it’s good: we try it, we do it.”

Olivier from Nacéol’s story on A&I commitments

At our first meeting, the management committee showed us that Automatique & Industrie is an organization that cares about making the workplace a space for promoting and looking after your health; combining health with health at work with the following motto: The company knows that its most important resource is its people, and its people's most important asset is their health.

The results of our factor analysis of our ‘RAICE’ protocol correlate and confirm these values. Namely, that all employees view A&I as an organization with caring governance and management that rewards initiative and success, values knowledge and supports the development of each individual. A positive role that encourages aspirations and commitment, and provides a sense of personal success. A great company where living well and aging well go together.

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