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Easy • Fast • Friendly: without this we are nothing!

These are the three things that motivate us every day. Through automation, we make our customers’ lives easier, their processes secure and their current systems reliable, all while reducing the environmental impact of their automation. To best serve our clients, we abide by our core values:

  • Team spirit – At AI, teamwork means pushing and encouraging each other to succeed and progress together. It’s about listening to each other, sharing laughter and knowledge. It’s about helping each other and being open to the world.
  • Agility – Agility is our strength. It is through agility and collaborative innovation that we test, create and invent. It is this flexibility and responsiveness in our proposals to customers that makes us a leader in automation and digital solutions.
  • Responsibility – We are responsible and demanding individually and collectively. Because we are committed to each other in the quality, reliability and sustainability of our business and our solutions. Because every AI is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.
The borth of A&I
Automatique et Industrie

Automatique & Industrie is established in 1995. This is where it all begins for us

An A&I culture
Pascal Mioche becomes President of A&I

Pascal Mioche takes over the company and strengthens the A&I culture that is the source of our uniqueness and pride. We become A&I-ers.

Cactus ES

A&I embarks on Research & Development with Cactus ES. We develop our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy by formalizing it

Environment, Health & Safety
EHS Certification

We are ‘MASE’ (Company Safety Improvement Manual) certified for Environment, Health & Safety. Something we’re really proud of!

Settling in to the site

Setting up on the Centr'alp site in a building - listen to this - created by us and for us!

Caring company
It’s our year !

We buy the company Euro System and we carry out our first company convention abroad. Our highlight is being crowned national ‘Caring Company’ of the year at RMC’s ‘Bougeons-nous’ SME awards. We stop blushing and enjoy the title.

Energy efficiency software suite

We create our Cactus ES energy efficiency software suite as part of our first R&D project. Our technology is patented

CSR policy
A great year

A&I wins at the Open Innovation Challenge organized by GE Renewable Energy. Our company wins at the Victoires du Capital Humain awards in Lyon before merging with Euro System

We grow

We reach 100 employees and make our return for the first BpiFrance accelerator as we make it through Covid-19

Gold medal
Our CSR recognition

We receive the CSR gold medal from EcoVadis. A&I wins the ‘Committed Company for the Ecological Transition’ call for projects supported by ADEME (France’s national environment agency) as part of France Relance. We achieve 25% growth despite Covid-19. Let's see what’s next...we’ll keep you posted!

Gold medal
Our CSR recognition

We have once again been awarded the CSR Gold Medal by Ecovadis, with an overall score of 71/100.

This score puts us in the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

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score interne 5/5

That’s the number of passionate A&I employees who are ready to put to use all of their skills and experience for your project to succeed.

personnage vectoriel de Eva directrice du développement humain

Who is Eva

I manage the human resources and communication at A&I

With a great team, I support A&I’s sustainable development by putting people and the group at the center.

Always listening to the ideas and proposals of each A&I employee, we are here to ensure that HR and CSR  improve, are fluid and remain Aicompatible.

You’ll have no trouble recognizing me thanks to my ‘hello hello’. I always say it twice, who knows why. And my laugh which is apparently quite loud — pfff I still don’t understand why people say that to me…

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Who is Régis

I come from the business. Having started my career in industrial IT development in small structures in Lyon, I also worked in a large group before joining AI and its project in 2007.

General Manager. My job?

At AI, I set in motion the strategy and ambition defined collegially with the strategic committee. I represent AI to its various stakeholders to promote its culture and commitment to sustainability.

I am the guarantor of the smooth running and values of the company in all its sectors, from support services to production.

I am a member of the Management Committee and as such I organise and make choices with the members of the CoDir to achieve our objectives.

I am also the Industrialisation Director and I supervise all production, whether it be on fixed price projects or technical assistance projects. I work shoulder to shoulder with all the members of the copil, Sector Managers, Project Managers and Account Managers in a positive spirit of valuing the skills and solutions proposed, whether they be organisational or technical. This is to ensure that AI holds its place as a regional leader in automation.

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personnage vectoriel de Régis avec la baguette du professeur
personnage vectoriel de Arnaud directeur d'activités OEM et TMA

Who is Arnaud

The Commercial Director? Yes, that’s me!

My job is to make the most of a substantial address book, define the short- and medium-term commercial strategy in close collaboration with the Digital Director, be present within the networks…that’s all obvious! But it’s also to support and guide a sales force full of enthusiasm and ideas, whether that’s offering what we know how to do well, but also, and importantly, offering unconventional services that meet the requirements of new markets. Alongside this, I have to lead the strategy.

What do I like about it and why? Taking an agile approach to bring together and encourage a commercial team that’s full of diversity in terms of technical skills as well as backgrounds. I’m a bit like the butter in a good chocolate cake or the mascarpone in a risotto…I’m the link between the objectives set out by management, the strategy that needs to be applied to achieve them and the momentum to carry them out.

How can I be summed up? An infectious laugh, a not-silent presence, a caring ethos and a constant need to communicate with others. 

Who they are...

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We help you overcome obstacles

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rating from the Banque de France for our financial robustness




gender equality index

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“This all comes from the high standards we hold each other to.  With the values we live by centered on reliability, transparency, excellence, innovation, and delivering on our commitments. It is the result of many years of working towards this vision, with A&I-ers dedicated to creating this reputation.”

Pascal Mioche A&I Président

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