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Automation - control

The implementation and integration of automation and industrial supervision for new projects, improving existing systems (revamping), retrofitting obsolete systems in a way that meets your sector-specific requirements and needs

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Get a global view of your systems and subsystems, facilitate monitoring and the collection of performance indicators. Monitor your systems, correlate your partial or total data and reduce the sources of downtime for a set of systems.

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Secure your OT - your industrial networks and your data processes - while eliminating the risk of cyberattacks thanks to our comprehensive industrial security approach

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is there to help your experts and not the other way around. Improve your profitability and your peace of mind by making the most of your process data. Combine database management and A&I in a Smart Data approach find out more

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Connected Factory

Create links between systems to allow interconnection between different information silos (GTC, GTB, ERP, MES, CMMS, etc.) through specific developments or the integration of solutions and increase the reliability of the IT infrastructure

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Tierce Maintenance Applicative

TPAM, MOC, CMMS, on-call 24/24... We provide support with the maintenance of your automated or energy management systems with our team of specialized employees available to support your experts

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Project management, specification design and drafting

Defining and refining a needs analysis, validating the feasibility of a project, or assistance with project management — we support you in the different phases of your projects at the stage you want

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Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy costs in order to meet economic, societal and regulatory constraints (ISO 50001). For A&I, energy management centers around capturing, collecting, storing and processing energy data.


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Track your consumption, run your ISO 50001-standard energy management system and optimize your electricity contract with our Cactus software suite

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Creating the best possible impression is what motivates us. We are proud to help you succeed and play a part in all you achieve. Hearing our clients talk about our solutions as a growth accelerator, is the best gift they could give us

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NTN-SNR company-wide Cactus Energy Suite integration

The company has been certified to ISIO 50001 since 2015, and uses an energy information system built internally using Excel files. We particularly needed to ensure the sustainability of our data and a whole-company roll-out was becoming complicated with such a system.

NTN-SNR and A&I actually have a history of working together on the OPSINE and TIDEME research projects that were the starting point of Cactus. And Cactus Energy Suite was selected following a call for tenders for the implementation of a pilot at our Seynod industrial site before it was rolled out at other sites in France, Romania and Brazil.

The Seynod pilot site, which has an energy efficiency certificate, is in operation, meaning a total of around 100 physical electricity and thermal meters connected via an internal OPC server. New functions have been developed specifically for NTN-SNR taking on board our feedback.

The other sites operate in manual entry mode before the online mode is rolled out to allow the transition to ‘kill’ the old Excel system.

This solution has allowed us to consolidate our ISO 50001 certificate and provide everyone involved in the company with access to an energy tool

Rémy Bonneau Group Energy Advisor, Building Energy Installations Department - NTN-SNR
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Optimization of the Romanche-Gavet/Péage de Vizille connected pipe

Given the novelty of the development, the unknown aspects made it necessary to demonstrate adaptability and responsiveness when commissioning the installation. Innovation was also required, in particular to manage the energy dissipators, a new technology for EDF and for France.

Following the brilliantly successful entry into service of the new development, the same team was brought on board for the next stage to optimize hydraulic production for the Moyenne Romanche section.

Knowledge of hydraulics, the CIH’s (EDF’s hydro-engineering center) technical standards as well as expertise in all generations of automation equipment are all real advantages for EDF Hydro projects. The ability to integrate multidisciplinary teams in a dynamic environment is also particularly appreciated.

Jean-Yves Dampne Control Engineer - EDF Hydraulic Engineering Center
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