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Get a global view of your systems and subsystems, facilitate monitoring and the collection of performance indicators. Monitor your systems, correlate your partial or total data and reduce the sources of downtime for a set of systems.


Automation naturally includes supervision (SCADA, HMI, Hypervision) of the means of production. We integrate supervision to enable you to:

  • Monitor, control, modify and adapt your automated systems
  • Carry out reporting: impartial data analysis, detecting malfunctions to take corrective actions
  • Increase agility and responsiveness
  • Secure your processes and your data

We integrate solutions from renowned publishers in the world of SCADA. We offer you the best and most suitable monitoring tools according to your needs. Based on open solutions, our developments integrate reporting and gateways to higher levels, and are simple, accessible and delivered during installation. 

We work with you and your IT department to define the supervision architecture including redundancy, networks and data archiving.

Our interdisciplinary skills in industrial IT will protect your processes through OT (Operational Technology) cybersecurity.


to identify technical needs and constraints

Feasibility study

or master plan to identify possible architectures and solutions for your environment

Market benchmark

to select the best technologies

Project specifications

to outline your needs and constraints

Technical alignment

technical alignment of offers

Project follow-up

project monitoring until delivery

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