A&I integrates automation solutions for industrial activity. At A&I we work with industrial clients and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), across everything from specialist machines to workshop renovations including processes.

Technical assistance for industry

to strengthen a client’s existing team

Turnkey flat-rate mode, including equipment,with a commitment to results:

We can support with projects including industrial electricity elements through our electrician specialist partner

Our project team of dedicated project managers, technical experts and developers/engineers    are deeply committed to achieving excellent results that respect your cost, timeline and production constraints.

We provide a 24-hour on-call service offering a bespoke maintenance contract as well as a TPAM – Third Party Application Maintenance – support contract in order to guarantee the proper functioning of your production tools.

We ensure there is a continuity of employees skilled in obsolete ranges in order to ensure that our clients’ entire range of equipment is maintained in operational condition.

At A&I we help you digitize your sites as part of Factory 4.0

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