Our acute awareness of the challenges of sustainable development and the fight against global warming means that we are proud to be involved in the advancements in renewable energy

From energy production to storage, our bespoke and comprehensive offering can be adapted to all size scales of energy production, including hydro, solar and wind energy, methanization and heat networks.

Whether you’re looking for a flat-rate contract or technical assistance, we can help with:

Project management — Managing technical projects

Third Party Application Maintenance TPAM and Maintenance in Operational Conditions MCO — Preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance

The development of site supervision and PLC programming

Research and implementation of automated systems for different types of renewable energy production

Support in your digital transformation, and data analysis using artificial intelligence

Support with your cybersecurity and the reliability of your industrial network

Our A&I partner for energy sector

illustration of activity sectors linked to energy : hydro electricity, photovoltaic, wind turbine, energy storage, methanization

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