Building and infrastructure

From optimizing energy resources to ensuring the comfort of your employees and customers, our expertise in smart buildings (CTM, TBM, ETM, etc.) will allow you to reduce your operational costs and save time by automatically extracting and processing large amounts of data.

As a flat-rate contract or technical assistance, we offer personalized support for your projects, whatever the buildings in question:

Technical Building Management (TBM):

Air handling, domestic hot water systems, production, distribution, lighting, shading devices, etc.

Centralized Technical Management (CTM) or Hypervision:

Business monitoring, signage, waste, elevators, water, parking, etc.

Electrical Technical Management (ETM):

Circuit reconfiguration, load shedding, monitoring, service continuity, consumption optimization, energy management, etc.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS):

Incident and inventory management, preventive maintenance, performance indicators, etc.

Multi-system interface:

Access control, video surveillance, fire, geographic information system, etc.

Specific developments:

Automatic update of plans, modeling of the building, translation and import of reports, geolocation of equipment, etc.

We are involved in the entire life cycle of your systems: 
  • Consulting (Project Management Support),
  • systems integration (ETM, TBM, CTM, CMMS…),
  • maintenance
    • TPAM: Third Party Application Maintenance,
    • MOC: Maintenance in Operational Condition

We are independent of builders or software publishers. We are also certified on most open building automation and supervision systems, both for HVAC and industrial ranges.

  • IoT (the Internet of Connected Objects)
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity

Our cross-disciplinary capabilities also enable us to meet your new needs and support you in the digital transition of your infrastructure.

Our A&I partner for Building and infrastructure sector

illustration of activity sectors linked to buildings and infrastructures : airports, hospitals, factories, transport, other buidings

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