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optimize your energy consumption with Cactus Energy Suite

With our Cactus Energy Suite of energy management software, monitor your consumption, run your ISO 50001-standard energy management system and optimize your electricity contract.

Cactus ES addresses your challenges with the following three modules:

module 1
Cactus ec

meters for your electricity delivery point

module 2
Cactus ed

your data from the energy performance measurement plan

module 3
Cactus em

your energy management systems

The Cactus Energy Suite goes beyond just formatting data. Our software contains artificial intelligence to model consumption to allow you to better calculate how much an action saves and/or to detect drift.

To take it even further…

We created TIDEME (Intelligent Processing of Missing or Erroneous Energy Data) which uses artificial intelligence to improve data quality. A project led and patented by A&I and supported by ADEME (France’s national environment agency)

In conjunction with our Smart Data approach, this is a set of algorithms based on machine learning which analyzes energy data and automatically determines whether a piece of data is faulty or missing. The second step uses A&I to accurately reconstruct the true situation, which is done automatically. Save time on data analysis. Focus on value-added activities!

Save time on data analysis.
Focus on value-added activities!

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